We Are Expanding Our Team!

CHS is currently looking for the following positions:

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Licensed Psychologists

Outpatient Therapist

School Psychologists

Assessment Technicians
The Benefits
  •   • Competitive pay – Salary or Fee-For-Service options are available
  •   • Administrative support for billing, marketing, scheduling intake appointments
  •   • Consultation and supervision from our expert clinical staff
  •   • Become a valued member of a team
  •   • Grow with a company focused on patient care and company culture
  •   • Be part of a team of experts in the mental health field

The CHS Mission
Our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe space that builds connection, promotes health, provides solutions, and empowers others to understand their significance. We are committed to providing behavioral health care services with compassion that patients find valuable, that community members recommend to family and friends, that other healthcare professionals select for their patients, and that our care team members are proud to offer.

The CHS Vision
Our vision is to provide everyone the opportunity for purposeful and evidence-based behavioral healthcare solutions delivered with compassion and understanding.

The CHS Philosophy of Care
At CHS, we believe in the individual capacity for positive change and the benefit of relationship to improve quality of life. Our approach is grounded in:
  •   • Nurturing the human capacity to change
  •   • Empowering others to enhance well-being
  •   • Using evidence-based treatments and evaluations with compassion
  •   • Believing that relationship and collaboration are building blocks to growth
  •   • Devoting ourselves to continued learning and clinical expertise

What We Do At CHS
Provide solutions with purpose to enhance growth, healing, and quality of life.

Working At CHS is not right for you if you are:
  •   • Looking for a job in which you can just clock in and out
  •   • Not passionate about our mission, vision, and philosophy of care
  •   • Not willing to invest time and energy in CHS! – We will dedicate time in you and we ask for the same
  •   • Looking for a stepping stone rather than a career
  •   • Interested in working in isolation rather than a team

You will be a perfect fit at CHS is you are:
  •   • Engaged and excited to better the lives of others
  •   • Passionate about our mission, vision, and philosophy of care
  •   • Dedicated to doing good work, investing in others, and enhancing your use of evidence-based practices
  •   • Excited about creating strong relationships with others
  •   • Looking to build a career in a place that wants to build a culture (future partnership opportunities are available)
  •   • Desiring constructive feedback and support to enhance your clinical skills

Contact Us
For consideration, please send resume/curriculum vita & cover letter to

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